Through Darren's Eyes

Ninety percent of the people I know are "into photography," which is completely fantastic: the more pictures the merrier! But when Darren first mentioned owning a photography business (Common Grace) I didn't really think anything of it. Cue sixish months later, when I opened a file containing all of his pictures from our trip to Ghana and spent the remainder of the day weeping/laughing/rejoicing over my computer screen as I flicked through the images. This isn't an advertisement or anything, simply a profession that Darren has TALENT and I'm thrilled that he used it capture the place and the people near and dear to our hearts. Believe it or not, I spent foorrreeevvverrrr deciding which photos to share on here and could not narrow it down to less than 60. My apologies if this post takes a million years to load.

DSC_6603-2 Arrival + Hugs


DSC_6613 Lunch time!

DSC_6617 Cutting oranges

DSC_6621 A Dina smile!!

DSC_6625 Attempting (unsuccessfully) to play a Ghanaian game with Gloria. I'm easily the worst: Lucky is probably the best.

DSC_6629 Regina + Richlove

DSC_6631 With Mama.

DSC_6644 Richlove, Regina, Lucky


DSC_6666-2 Sarah



DSC_6672 Gloria

DSC_6674 Davi Mercy

DSC_6675 Dina cooking (she looks very grown up here...not sure how I feel about it:)

DSC_6677 God's Way

DSC_6679-2 God's Way actually took this picture and it's one of my favorites.

DSC_6690 Regina in the doorway

DSC_6700 Neighbors


DSC_6719 Lucky with bubbles

DSC_6722-2 Dina with beach ball

DSC_6729 Our favorite thing to do: COLOR!

DSC_6730 Teddy's sister Emmie picked out these books/crayons for the girls on HER birthday. They were a huge hit!

DSC_6741 Richlove

DSC_6748 Mercy is also going to school part-time. She inspires me!

DSC_6762 My time in Ghana has brought me to the realization that I'm not a huge fan of chickens. But we can't escape them.

DSC_6769 I'll post more about this story later: we visited a family who sent us home with dozens of fresh coconuts. The neighbor boys just shimmied up these trees like it was nothing.





DSC_6847 Richlove playing keeper. I'll say it again: She was AMAZING.


DSC_6871 Kids walking home from school.

DSC_6933 Mercy


DSC_6944 I'm SO GLAD that this moment was captured. The older girls coming home from school.

DSC_6949 This is our Ghanaian board. We had a great meeting while we were there: more updates about that coming soon viagra kaufen.

DSC_6954 Sarah

DSC_6957 Mama and Gloria

DSC_6966 Performing a dance


DSC_6984 One of the few times Darren got out from behind the camera (with Sarah and Regina)



DSC_7022 I could dedicate an entire blog post to Bernard and this house. He has been steadily and faithfully saving money and building this home for twenty-plus years. He usually gives us a tour when we visit: it's definitely coming along, but WOW. That is true dedication.

DSC_7025 High school boys

DSC_7026 Easily one of my top 5 Ghanaian meals: beans and garri with fried plantains.

DSC_7034 We met a baby on the way to Mama Helen's house...

DSC_7032 And Blake almost brought her home in his suitcase:)

DSC_7047 Richlove

DSC_7079 God's Way seemed very grown-up to me on this trip. I can't believe the transformation we've witnessed in just a year and a half.

DSC_7080 I feel so honored to have the opportunity to pray over these girls.

DSC_7085 The Lord brought Destiny to us almost exactly a year ago and he has become such a great friend. We love him dearly.