Another Ghana Visit

Well, we've added another notch to our "Trips to Ghana" belt. This was our shortest visit yet and a bit of a whirlwind: we left on Friday the 22nd, around noon, and arrived back on Friday the 29th at 3:45pm. We might have been a little sleep deprived, but generally, we had a fantastic, extremely productive week! Per usual, we are overwhelmed with gratitude towards everyone that prayed for our travels.

Anyone that follows us on Facebook saw that we brought two friends with us. Darren contacted us in February of 2014, after he heard Kate Radley (one of our high schoolers) speak about Eight Oaks at a church event. Through him, we met met Blake and Libby. They and their families have turned into huge financial and spiritual supporters of Eight Oaks--we are immensely grateful for the great friends they have become in such a short time. Unbeknownst to me prior to this trip, Darren has a real talent for photography and took some truly beautiful pictures. Hopefully we can coerce him into doing a guest post on here soon:)

As usual, I find myself lacking words when it comes to summarizing this experience. The girls are doing so, so well. They have changed and grown since my last visit in January and I am astounded by their progress in school. We are having complete conversations in English!

DSC_0003 Davi Mercy bought everyone oranges--such a treat!

DSC_0017 Dina and Regina

DSC_0022 God's Way, Lucky, Regina

DSC_0047 Uncle Teddy

DSC_0069 Darren brought bubbles:) Regina and Gloria


DSC_0108 Dina, Lucky, and Regina (who has, as evidenced in this post, come out of her camera-shy shell).

DSC_0084 God's Way

DSC_0066 At the marker board for a lesson.

DSC_0116 Coloring

DSC_0145 Too much excitement for Dina;)

DSC_0053 Blake giving "tattoos"

DSC_0147 Lucky lifting weights (aka, coconuts), per instruction from Blake

DSC_0157 Flexing;)


DSC_0174 and pushups (not that they need them--these girls are STRONG).

DSC_0207 Sarah Jr. and Rosemary (our neighbor and Bernard and Celestine's great niece)

DSC_0210 Regina and Rosemary

DSC_0218 Lucky and Rosemary

DSC_0224 Trinity Academy donated a set of soccer goals that we brought over on this trip. Easily one of the highlights for us and the girls!

DSC_0227 Richlove THREW DOWN THE GAUNTLET as a keeper. She was a fierce defender!

DSC_0256 Mama's plantains fresh from the skillet. OH YES.

DSC_0263 I miss this sight in the mornings: the girls eating breakfast before school.

DSC_0265 Mama is strong and beautiful and kind. Everything we can hope for our girls. So thankful for her influence.

DSC_0269 I LOVE this view. Our beautiful Yellow House.

DSC_0278 Dina made a drum! I love that they are able to utilize their creativity so freely.

DSC_0292 Richlove, God's Way, Regina, Gloria

DSC_0294 Laughter seems to be the constant soundtrack at the Yellow House--peppered with the crows of chickens, the sweeping of dirt, and the whirring of ceiling fans.

DSC_0345 God's Way, Sarah Jr., Gloria, Regina, Lucky, Richlove, Dina

DSC_0388 Darren, Destiny (our ever-diligent social worker), Teddy, Blake

DSC_0369 Little footprints in the recently-swept dirt.

We are anticipating lots of exciting things on the horizon for Eight Oaks. The Lord is ever faithful, and we are thankful for His patience and provision as we clumsily try to navigate this road. We have made many mistakes along the way but His grace covers all. More news coming soon!