The Team




Destiny has been on staff as our social welfare representative since July 2014. He is responsible for much of our progress in becoming legally registered in Ghana and facilitating positive connections with government officials. He calls the Kriwiels once a week to give updates about the girls, our work in the community, and the Yellow House.


Bernard & Celestine

Bernard & Celestine are our in-country directors, responsible for overseeing everything from finances and building repairs, to spiritual growth and maturation of the girls. Unofficially, they function as grandparents to all at the Yellow House. They have been a part of Eight Oaks since the very beginning and the success of our organization is owed in large part to their dedication and passion for this work.


Mercy & Helen

Mercy and Helen are a mother-daughter duo and the heartbeat of the Yellow House. Mercy has accompanied the Kriwiels on every trip to Lake Volta. She lives on-sight and is adored by the girls as their big sister. Helen comes during the day and is known affectionately as “Mama.” We consider them family and are so thankful for their leadership and stewardship of the Yellow House.