pictures, finally!

WELL. We have had a whirlwind of activity this week. Sigh. I hate to start this off on such a sober note, but we need to make a generic announcement lest any rumors be circulating: we had a burglary incident on Tuesday. Everyone is okay. We lost some electronics, but they are replaceable and the experience, although unpleasant to say the least, has given us cause to really evaluate security for the Yellow House as we start moving in (just to clarify, we have not been living at the Yellow House during renovation: it is in a very safe location and we will have security monitoring the premises at all time once the girls arrive.) Going forward we will be much better equipped. Thank you to everyone for the prayers and kind words that have been sent our way! We are disappointed, of course, but appreciate the reminder that THINGS are not important.

Without further ado, here are some pictures of the exterior of the house! We are cleaning and "primping" the inside this week and, as any homeowners can relate, it takes a long time to transform a "house" into a "home." But I will share as soon as the place is presentable.

The oven and fridge/freezer have been delivered, as well as all of the mattresses and a few other odds-and-ends. We have a friend in Accra named Sammy who is making most of our furniture out of bamboo and will deliver everything early next week.

And BEST of all is that we are getting oh-so-close to being ready to bring the girls home. Our team of Ghanaian abolitionists called with some fantastic news today! We'll keep you posted:)

Courtyard BEFORE. Ignore the vagabond--we don't know how he got in.
Back of the house, before.
AFTER. They have cleared away the debris since I took this picture.
Side of the house.
NEW paint job, patched concrete, and a fixed gate!
Front porch.
Welcome to the Yellow House!