the little engine that could

Our time in Ghana is moving like a train: slowly at first, gradually speeding up, and now we are at a point where the days are flying by. I cannot believe we have entered October already.

The house looks great. We are so pleased with the progress. Just a few spots need to be touched up with paint, and then I promise we will share a gigantic post with LOTS of pictures! 

Teddy and I are, yet again, in Accra. Our NGO status has been finalized, so we are picking up the paperwork and buying what we need for the house that can't be found in Akatsi. 

Last week, Bernard took us to meet with the local Social Welfare Department where (as always) he has friends, and we are steadily ticking things off the To-Do List. 

I confess that sometimes the technical stuff can seem so boring, but we are speeding through it and trying to take delight in even the most menial tasks, knowing that each day that passes is a day we move closer to bringing the girls, our "sisters," home!

We really cannot emphasize enough how important all of the prayers from the Eight Oaks family have been in this process. During one of our first conversations with Bernard, we asked how difficult it would be to find a house that met our needs and remained within our budget. The general consensus was that, bare minimum, we were looking at 4-6 months. Literally the next day we walked outside, and there was the Yellow House. "It has just occurred to me," mused Bernard, "that this might be a good home. The caretaker is a member of our church." A few days later we were sitting under a mango tree with the owner, and by the next week we had handed over the deposit, signed a lease, and renovations had started.

This whole process has been without a hiccup and we can't take responsibility for any of it. We are continually reminded of the Father's heart for the "least of these" and that, as impatient as we might be, God created these eight girls in their mothers' wombs, He has loved them since the beginning of time, and He is orchestrating their rescue. Why are we surprised when everything goes so smoothly? We underestimate our Creator.

We will "unveil" the Yellow House (hopefully) at the beginning of next week. Cross your fingers for a stable Internet connection:) And as always, we have to conclude this post and every post by thanking anyone and everyone that has prayed for and contributed to Eight Oaks in any capacity. We love you all.