list of prayer requests

For those wanting to pray specifically for the needs of Eight Oaks, we will be updating this list as often as the needs change. >We continue trying to develop a beneficial relationship with Social Welfare in Akatsi. We ask for prayer that all of the legal details and paperwork would be processed smoothly and quickly.

>The Yellow House is wonderful, but we are renters which restricts our freedom in a few ways. We would like to explore the possibility of buying land and building a house + farm, and ask that you pray over this situation as it unfolds and as we begin testing the waters. Social welfare also puts a lot of emphasis on owning versus renting, and we feel some pressure from the local officials.

>Healing for the girls emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

>Blessings and peace for our Ghanaian staff, and wisdom for them as they raise the girls into strong, godly African women.

>For financial provision and stability: that the Lord will provide donors to partner with us long-term and invest in the girls monetarily and prayerfully.

>We have recently felt an urge to do more in our community in Akatsi: please join us in praying over this village and asking that God would guide us on this new venture and provide the means to accomplish His will.