Week Two

We have now been in Africa for a little over two weeks. Time moves quickly and slowly at the same time—in some ways it feels like we’ve been here for 2 days, and in other aspects it seems like 2 months.

Last week we were able to sit down with the owner of the property we are interested in. She graciously traveled quite a ways to meet with us face-to-face and we hit it off immediately. We were able to reach an agreement and our plan is to sign a contract tomorrow (Monday)...please be praying with us that we will be able to transfer the money for the deposit quickly and without complication. This caused some headaches last week, but we are optimistic that this time around things will go perfectly! We have to tip our hats to our accountants, Taylor Hoppock and Ryan Boss, who have been ENORMOUS assets and are making sure things run smoothly in the states. We are increasingly confident and happy about this house becoming our official Eight Oaks home: the renovations have already started and I am anxious to see the finished product. I will be sure to post pictures!

We are getting better and better acquainted with Akatsi every day: learning shortcuts, making friends, figuring out which stands sell the best bread, and memorizing the FanMilk cart schedule. The house where we are currently staying has a well in the courtyard, so many of the kids who live nearby come in the mornings and evenings to “fetch water." This has given us an excellent opportunity to get to know our neighbors! Most were a little apprehensive at first, but I’ve discovered that anyone will be my friend when they realize I have a camera and will take a picture of them if they ask:) My second greatest ally is my hair, which the little girls find fascinating. We are thrilled to be taking the very big step of being referred to as "Teddy" and "Ellie" versus "Yavu!"...however, the pronunciation can be challenging, so one group in particular will shout "Terry!! Ally!!" when they see us coming. 

We are getting more and more excited for Landon and Kate to join us here. We have had decent access to the Internet lately and we are so encouraged when we can talk to our family and friends, however briefly. As always, thank you for your prayers—they are working! We can see the results! 

Terry & Ally