we're leaving on a jet plane

Teddy and I are leaving for Ghana today! We are overwhelmed with thankfulness for the love and support that has come from our family and friends in preparation for this day. To each and every person that has contributed to Eight Oaks in any way, we say a huge THANK YOU.

We recognize that this is an incredible opportunity and our hearts are bursting with joy that God has allowed us to be a part of His story. Last July, four of us sat around our kitchen table and talked about eight girls across an ocean. I do believe that if you had told us that in a little over a year we would be on our way to Africa, we wouldn't have believed you. Our minds our small, and our dreams are puny when compared to the will of the Father.

I have so much more I would like to say, but we have a flight to catch! To our Eight Oaks family: We love you all dearly. We carry you in our hearts on this journey.

(and although texting/emailing/calling will be a bit tricky when we first land in Accra, we will try to let everyone know as soon as possible when we arrive safely).

Ted & Ellie