Location, Location, Location

As we get closer and closer to leaving for Ghana, we thought it would be helpful to publish a post detailing where exactly Landon and Kate will be living, as well as where their location will relate to the Father's House, the lake, Accra, etc.

Ghana is on the western half of Africa, barely above the Equator. It is relatively small.

Volta is the largest man-made lake in the world...needless to say, it's pretty easy to spot. We will be living in Akatsi, which is a village so small we had difficulty finding a map that could pinpoint it's location. If you search for it on Google Maps, though, it pops right up.

We marked an estimated guess at it's location with a star, as seen below. The Father's House is located in Tegbi (which is also too small to find on most maps) viagrafromuk.com. Tegbi sits right on the coast, near the village of Keta.
All international flights come through the city of Accra which is about 3 hours west of Keta and Akatsi on the Coast. It is the capitol and where all the teams that come to visit will be picked up, and also where we will do a lot of shopping to set up the house. 

Hopefully this helps everyone visualize the area Eight Oaks will call "home." As always, thanks for reading!