a fly on the wall

On our last trip to Ghana, I really wanted to capture the little snippets from life at the Yellow House that I find myself missing when I return to the States. It's difficult to describe--obviously I miss the girls, but it's so much more nuanced than that simple statement: I miss Mama Helen's soothing voice, I miss the afternoon wind rippling through the banana trees, I miss being woken up to the sound of sweeping and chickens clucking...I miss the soundtrack of life in Ghana and the pace of life there, things that can't be described by a picture. This video isn't particularly thrilling, but it's the closest I've come to capturing some of those things I most love about one of my favorite places in the world. I joked on our Facebook page that someone needs to figure out how to transport smells digitally, but in reality the ideal situation would be for someone to transport people digitally, so Teddy and I could head to Ghana every weekend. Anyway--until someone does that, this video will have to do. Hope you enjoy it.

Ellie KriwielComment