laundry day, fufu, etc.

  We have officially been back at The Yellow House for a week today! Teddy and I have had so much fun with the girls and are continually amazed by them. They wake up at 5:30 every morning (sans alarm or an adult telling them to, I might add), sweep and clean the house, prepare and clean up breakfast, bathe + get dressed, and then leave early so they can help sweep their classrooms before the school day begins! They are hungry and eager for everything: food, knowledge, love, etc., and are so JOYFUL in all they do.

We were curious how Saturday + Sunday would go, since they were home all day. I wondered if they might get bored, but they were busy all morning washing/cleaning. Sunday they returned home from church around 1:15 and spent the better part of the afternoon making fufu and palm-nut soup for dinner.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! Here are some pictures...

DSC_0206 On their way to school, yelling "bye-bye!!" DSC_0210 Dina bringing up the rear DSC_0316 Everyone washing (including Mama Helen and Davi Mercy) DSC_0327 I caught Gloria sneaking a snack when she was supposed to be cleaning, little stinker DSC_0335 Lucky + Dina strike a pose DSC_0344


DSC_0760 Beautiful Lucky DSC_1099 Palm nut soup! DSC_1110 Sarah, Regina, God's Way, and Gloria DSC_1113 God's Way taking a turn pounding the fufu (made from boiled plantains + cassava) DSC_1116 The dough on the left is the finished product, after it's been pounded and stretched DSC_1124 We LOVE rainy season. It was a beautiful night so everyone ate outside!