a quieter week.

We don't have much to say this week. We haven’t done anything “blog worthy"...it's been a lot of preparing/planning and continuing to make relationships and ironing out technical details. All of which is important, but doesn't make for thrilling reading material:) Renovations on the Yellow House continue to speed along and we are more and more excited each time we visit. Things are beginning to take shape and we can imagine places for bunk beds, for a huge dining table, for the perfect spot on the wall to start a growth chart. Amid the piles of construction trash and rubble a home is starting to emerge, and we impatiently wait for the day when little feet will run down the halls and laughter will bounce from room to room.

We are in Accra now and will travel to Cape Coast and Kumasi in the coming days to visit some similar non-profit organizations and hopefully get to know Ghana a little bit better. Prayers for safe travels and productive meetings and speedy legalities are always appreciated!

I imagine that some of these posts are becoming repetitive...or it might seem that we are sugar coating some of the less-than-glamorous details, but honestly, everything about our time in Ghana has been so wonderful. We are buoyed with such an abundance of prayer and support.

As always, thank you. We'll be in touch! 
I can't believe I'm saying this but...I'm starting to enjoy doing laundry. Sleeping in sun-dried sheets is the BEST!
Tomatoes at the market.
Syvanous and Edith
Chickens here just roam around wherever they please. Bernard says they are "Free range, just like in America!"
I LOVE all the vegetation here. After an afternoon harassing Victor with questions regarding every single tree and flower I saw, he said to Teddy, "Your wife. She likes plants. It is very odd." 
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