In an effort to be honest from the get-go, we should clarify that we have neither time, nor money, nor resources for a full-fledged website. Thus, until a need arises, this little blogger page, in addition to the one created for Facebook, will be our Eight Oaks internet stomping ground. No one person can take particular credit for Eight Oaks--it is the result of countless individuals' time, thoughts, efforts, and visions. And, of course, the mission is one that has lived in God's heart forever. His desire to liberate the oppressed has awoken in our hearts as well, and we are blessed to be His hands on the ground, but this is most certainly not "our idea." He has been doing what we have just embarked on since the beginning of time. Nonetheless, we cannot get very far without mentioning The Father's House in Ghana. Maybe someday Teddy can explain how his experiences there shaped and inspired this mission--but for now all we can say is that they are the forerunners, and without Jeff Miller and Matt Garrett Eight Oaks would not be what it is today. They paved the way and we have been extremely, extremely blessed that they have so willingly shared their knowledge and experience with us. This is their official website, and this is their Facebook page.

Basically, this is what's happening: A group of high schoolers meets every week to pray for Ghana, for Lake Volta, for themselves, for America, for human trafficking in general...for whatever, really. This is a project funded entirely by individuals that, legally, are still children. They are sacrificing makeup, movies, fast food, Christmas gifts, new clothes, etc. and putting the proceeds towards the redemption of eight girls who are currently living in hellish conditions.

This group has claimed complete ownership of this mission. They are not saving their money for some slaves in Africa--they have adopted these children, called them "sisters," and named them in their hearts. I am inspired by their passion and maturity and conviction and spirituality, and blessed beyond belief to be a part of this experience. Since August, this group of roughly twenty core individuals has raised about fifteen thousand dollars. Their mission is urgent, because their sisters are suffering.

Eventually, and hopefully, we'll be able to explain everything, like the name Eight Oaks and what it means, and our long-term goals and plans. But for now, this is a start. We ask that you would labor with us in prayer for our brothers and sisters who suffer without the knowledge that they have a heavenly Father who tenderly calls them "Beloved." No matter what, God will see His children rescued. We are blessed that He has allowed us at Eight Oaks to be a part of this beautiful story of redemption. You can email us at or "like" us on Facebook if you want to stay up-to-date. We'll keep in touch.